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Which device are you having trouble with:

    You are requesting to connect to your device remotely to repair your issue. This service is $30 for each 15 minutes while we are connected to your computer performing the repair. Please note you can see what we are doing while we are connected to your computer, and are able to disconnect at any time. Please do not leave your device while we are performing the repair. We will be using Notepad or WordPad or something similar if these are not available to ask questions, or to communicate with you. We will not invade your privacy and we will only access the areas required for the repair.
    Also note we do require you to pay for the first 15 minutes before we begin the repair process, the additional time will be billed accordingly afterwards. If for any reason the repair cannot be completed via a remote connection we will disconnect within the first 15 minutes and notify you the reason it cannot be completed.
     We do our best to be available during your schedule, but there are times we may not get back to you immediately.

This remote connection process works in 3 steps:
1.) You send us a Request for Remote Service(This Form).
2.) We send you an e-mail with the instructions on how to allow us to connect to your computer.
3.) You open the e-mail and either click on the link in the e-mail or go to the website address listed in the e-mail to allow us to connect remotely to the device which needs the repair.

You must check the agree box below to begin this process.

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